science on the streets of Woods Hole and get an up-close view of a working research vessel. 


with people from 19 organizations and the discoveries they are making.

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in science demos, hands-on activities, and crafts for kids.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017 10am – 3pm

Water Street, Woods Hole

A FREE public event

Science Stroll Map » Download Woods Hole Science Stroll map

1. Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Exhibits and tank displays of marine animals that live in the region, see and touch some up close in the behind the scenes touch tank. Step inside a life-size (43-foot) inflatable humpback whale (weather permitting) and learn more about whales at an outside display nearby.

2. NOAA Dock

NOAA Fisheries Learn how to identify whales and sea turtles, track ocean currents, determine the age and growth of fish, and the life history of sharks. Talk with researchers about protected marine species like Atlantic salmon, changing ocean chemistry, and how we use drones and other technologies on marine research. See and learn about different fish species, what fisheries observers do,  the NOAA Corps, how drones are used in marine research, career opportunities and much more. Step inside a life-size (43-foot) inflatable humpback whale (weather permitting), and enjoy lots of hands-on and kids activities.

US Coast Guard (USCG) Tour the USCG 45-foot response boat & watch a search and rescue demonstration at noon* with a USCG helicopter and rescue swimmer; experience a shipboard damage control simulator; learn knot tying and practice line handling skills. *Availability of activities is subject to change based on USCG operations.

3. Waterfront Park

500 Women Scientists Science should be open, inclusive, and accessible. Visit the Woods Hole 500 Women Scientists to see how science is part of your every day life and learn about the diverse women in STEM fields. Find out about some of the amazing accomplishments that have been made—by famous scientists to the local women in our own community! Kids will enjoy seeing science in action with a hands-on experiment in “candy chromatography!

Sea Education Association/SEA Semester A mix of marine and nautical science: identify cool critters, discover plastic marine debris, and learn to tie some good knots. Pick up a SEA Semester coloring book too!Sea Education Association will also present “Transatlantic: A Voyage of Discover,” a film by Capt. Chris Nolan (45 minutes). This documentary chronicles SEA Semester’s transatlantic passage from Woods Hole to Ireland in the summer of 2016. (Time and Place TBD)

Find out about Falmouth Water Stewards/Skip-the-Straw single-use plastics reduction initiative.  Our table will have a number of activities, including fun, hands-on kids activities, stainless steel straw give-away/contests, SEA reusable water bottles raffle, ocean plastics exhibits, and more.

US Geological Survey

  • *Will be displaying a Laser Spectrometer to show folks how we can measure greenhouse gases in the air
  • *Salt Marsh core samples and a running loop of a Salt Marsh erosion time-lapse video and distribute related and relevant marsh literature.
  • *Drone demonstration: USGS pilots will fly an unmanned quadcopter about the size of a pizza box at around 160 to 300 feet above ground level.
  • SeaBOSS demonstration over the side of the wall and into the water by our tent
  • *The SEABed Observation and Sampling System (SEABOSS) was designed by the Woods Hole Science Center for rapid, inexpensive, and effective collection of seabed images and sediment samples in coastal/inner-continental shelf regions. The observations from video and still cameras, along with sediments collected in the sampler, are used in conjunction geophysical mapping surveys to provide more comprehensive interpretations of seabed character.
  • *Free books on Coastal Landforms and Processes at the Cape Cod National Seashore will be distributed.

The Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership (WHSTEP) The non-profit Woods Hole Science & Technology Education Partnership (WHSTEP) is hosting an informational booth about the organization. WHSTEP is a resource network powered by the active partnership between the area science and technology research institutions &organizations and the regional K-12 school districts. Come visit our booth to learn about how we facilitate those connections to expand science learning and teaching resources. This fall, we are running a contest to design a new logo – stop by and grab an entry form or submit a design right there on the spot!

Woods Hole Historical Museum Check out reprints of historical photographs and publications about the long history of science in Woods Hole. Learn about our navigation and shellfish exhibits. Special activities for children include learning to tie knots and about signal flags.

Woods Hole Research Center Learn about climate change research conducted around the world by the Woods Hole Research Center. The soil is a vital yet often overlooked part our world. With interactive exhibits, learn more about the hidden half of the carbon cycle.

WCAI – the Cape, Coast, and Islands NPR Station Learn about ocean animal sounds. Play a fun Guess the Science Sounds Game with WCAI’s Living Lab producer Elsa Partan and staff.

4. Marine Biological Laboratory Pierce Visitor Center and Gift Shop

Colorful exhibits tell the story of the MBL and its impact on life sciences.

5. Marine Biological Laboratory Marine Resources Center

Living Animal Exhibits Under the Tents, next to Candle House 127 Water St., Woods Hole Get up close to live marine creatures living in the waters surrounding Woods Hole. View octopus, squid, and other amazing cephalopods; peer inside a skate embryo, and learn about how MBL Scientists draw upon nature to teach us more about their lives, our environment, and even ourselves. Marine Biological Laboratory Kids Activity MBL Club, 100 Water St., Woods Hole Fish Printing at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Learn interesting facts and stories about fish and then use them to make your own fish fashion! Bring your own plain T-shirts or purchase on-site for ($5) Fish printing. Marine Biological Laboratory Pierce Visitor Center and Gift Shop Colorful, interactive exhibits and live displays tell the story of the MBL and its impact on life sciences.

6. Zephyr Education Foundation & Falmouth STEM Boosters

Use “augmented reality sandboxes” to see the coastal effects of sea level rise, storm surge waves, and tsunamis (best for ages 9 to adult). Learn from Falmouth STEM Boosters how to safely view the August 21 solar eclipse, and pick up your free eclipse-viewing glasses (1 solar eclipse, and pick up your free eclipse-viewing glasses.

7. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Dock

Tour the Research Vessel Atlantis

R/V Atlantis is one of the most advanced ships in the U.S. academic research fleet. In addition to serving as the support ship for the human-occupied submersible AlvinAtlantis is also fully equipped to carry 36 crew and 24 scientists on expeditions lasting up to 60 days and covering more than 17,000 nautical miles (19,500 miles).

Reserve your space to tour the main working deck of Atlantis, where you will get up close to Alvin, see several of the labs that scientists use to conduct research at sea, and meet some of the people that make Atlantis a mainstay of ocean-going research. Reservations required. Visitors to the ship must have a valid photo ID. Please wear sensible shoes; no backpacks, no strollers.

Get up close to ocean science at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  • See the world-famous submersible Alvin and meet the people who dive in it.
  • Learn how scientists and engineers conduct advanced research in some of the most difficult conditions on Earth.
  • See some of the most advanced ocean robots in the world, including Nereid Under Ice, REMUS, Slocum glider, and JetYak.
  • See the REMUS SharkCam and TurtleCam, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with video cameras and navigational and scientific instrumentation that enable it to locate, track, and film tagged marine animals, such as a great white shark and leatherback turtle.
  • Learn about climate change, marine debris, and ocean exploration.
  • Make your own Science Stroll souvenirs at the kids’ activities table.

8. WHOI Redfield Auditorium

At 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., the Woods Hole Film Festival will be screening the 2017 Filmmaker in Residence Josh Seftel’s film “Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.” Each program will last about an hour, but visitors are free to come and go.

9. Dyers Dock: Eastern-Rigged Dragger Roann

Tours from 10 am – 3 pm
Mystic Seaport is the nation’s leading maritime museum. Founded in 1929 to gather and preserve the rapidly disappearing artifacts of America’s seafaring past, the Museum has grown to become a national center for research and education with the mission to “inspire an enduring connection to the American maritime experience. Roann is one of the last surviving examples of the fishing vessels that replaced sailing schooners. The eastern-rig draggers originated in the 1920s and completed the revolutionary advance from sail to engine, and from hooks to nets, in New England fishing technology. Built in 1947, Roann is on the small end of the spectrum for eastern-rig draggers, but she is a hard-working, seaworthy vessel that survived 50 years of work without major alterations. Roy Campbell of Vineyard Haven, Mass., fished Roann from Martha’s Vineyard, dragging local waters for flounder, cod, and haddock. She also fished from Point Judith, Rhode Island. Mystic Seaport acquired her in 1997. She is on display to the public at the Museum and also attends maritime festivals and educational events.

 10. Buzzards Bay Coalition Woods Hole Outreach Center

Explore a marine touch tank full of animals from Buzzards Bay and hands-on family friendly activities.

11. WHOI Ocean Science Exhibit Center

Videos, displays, and exhibits include marine mammals, Titanic, hydrothermal vents, polar research and many more. Check out Splash Lab science demos.

12. Woods Hole Historical Museum

Check out reprints of historical photographs and publications about the long history of science in Woods Hole. Learn about navigation and shellfish exhibits. Special activities for children include learning to tie knots and to read signal flags.

Tour the WHOI Research Vessel Atlantis and see the submersible Alvin


Limited tickets available. Get your free tickets now.

Tours of the WHOI Research Vessel Atlantis will be in 15 minute intervals starting at 10:00 am.

Visitors to the ship must have a valid photo ID. Tours require the ability to climb several flights of stairs. Please wear sensible shoes; no backpacks, no strollers and no gum.

Limited off street parking We encourage people to ride their bikes or take the WHOOSH Trolley to Woods Hole Village.